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Bread Doe is a writer, producer and recording artist raised in Waukegan and based in Chicago, Illinois. Having produced, written and recorded with King Louie, Jeremih, Jessie Reyez, Pvrx, Jack Flash and others - Bread Doe is getting ready to step out from behind the scenes and into the light in a real way.

Performing in Mexico, The USA and Canada, Bread Doe has shared stages with Waka Flocka, Jessie Reyez, and Frankie Carrera while developing and perfecting his craft. Drawing from diverse musical influences, Bread’s personal experience growing up as a “ward of the state” gave him access and insight into a variety of cultures in America before ultimately becoming adopted into his American & Jamaican household.

Navigating all the trappings our world can put in front of a young man- Bread has relied on intelligence, creativity and charisma to make it through. A graduate and now a program leader at the The Remix Project, Chicago campus -in this space his talent for collaboration began to peak through.

Bread Doe is the first artist to emerge from the prestigious incubator’s US chapter. Leading the charge with a strong foundation beside him, the future is bright for Bread Doe. A renaissance man of many talents, it’s exciting to see where he will grow to next.
A mercurial talent (singing, rapping, producing, engineering, performing) - Bread Doe confidently walks a line between genres that straddles truth and contradiction.

Struggling with his identity and sense of belonging and living through the harsh realities of street life in Chicago, Bread Doe started to form his own strong moral code that would help him not only survive, but flourish. Raised by a village - Bread Doe has recently become a father in his own right. Faced with new challenges, Bread has never been more focused on positive growth and change.

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