Photo by Miguel "The Society" DeBerry

Who We Are

We are a group of creatives in pursuit of developing and producing artistic excellence on the world stage. 

Collectively we possess 40+ years of artist development, project management, and multimedia creation. Based in Toronto, Canada, we are connected to a global community of professionals who allow us to scale our projects in exciting ways.

We are an agile company that operates under the philosophy that good business = long term success. Our approach to project management is rooted in building structure while allowing the creative process to blossom. We look at each project individually, scaling out what value we can add and what kind of return we would look for on that particular investment. 

We have a strong track record for success and innovation. Our collective experiences and strategic partnerships allow for an understanding of the marketplace that turns risks into calculated steps.

What We Do


We represent writers and creators in the worlds of music and television. We manage their IP, and occupy the space overlapping the duties of development executives and a literary agency.


We develop strategy for how projects are seeded and then bloom in the marketplace.

Creative Direction & Design

We provide creative direction and design services.


We produce projects from ideation to completion. We excel in transmedia campaigns that connect artists across all platforms and weaving into the physical world.

Project Management

We manage projects from point of entry to successful completion. We are also happy to enter the right conversations somewhere in between.

Executive Production

We serve our partners by helping to bring the best in the world to the table. We assemble teams that will help realize success from across creative industries. We also help fund or raise capital for ventures we believe in.